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Name ▲ # of frequency bands Release Date
Motorola Moto Z3 Play TD-LTE US 32GB XT1929-3 (Motorola Beckham) 31 July 2018
Motorola Moto Z3 TD-LTE US 64GB XT1929-17 / Moto Z 3rd gen 35 September 2018
Motorola Moto Z4 LTE-A US XT1980-4 (Motorola Foles) 21 June 2019
Motorola Moto Z4 TD-LTE NA XT1980-3 33 June 2019
Motorola MOTO Z6w 4 Unknown
Motorola MOTOLUXE MT680 5 June 2012
Motorola MOTOLUXE XT XT788 2 November 2012
Motorola MOTOLUXE XT390 6 April 2012
Motorola MOTOLUXE XT615 6 December 2011
Motorola MOTOLUXE XT685 6 July 2012

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