Motorola Moto G 4G LTE LATAM XT1040 (Motorola Peregrine) is compatible with 1 out of 4 bands on LG U+ (Uplus) (South Korea). See the tables below for details.

Frequency Bands Used by LG U+ (Uplus) (South Korea)

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Compatibility - 1 out of 3 bands supported
Interface Name Supported by device?
LTE B1 (2100) No
LTE B5 (850) Yes
LTE B7 (2600) No

Supported LTE Protocols

Name Generation Supported by device?
LTE 4G Yes
LTE-A 4G Yes


Compatibility - 0 out of 1 band supported
Interface Name Supported by device?
CDMA BC4 (Korean PCS) No

* A matching frequency band does not guarantee coverage. There may be additional network or device software restrictions that prevent a device from connecting on a certain frequency. Additionally, certain bands may only be available regionally within a country.

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