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Name Device brand # of frequency bands Release Date ▼
Samsung SHV-E510S Galaxy Note 3 Neo LTE+ Samsung 7 Unknown
HTC One TD 101 TD-LTE (HTC M7C) HTC 10 Unknown
Sony Ericsson Satio U1 CDMA (SE Kokura) Sony Ericsson 2 Unknown
Samsung SGH-i757 Galaxy S II Skyrocket HD LTE (Samsung Dali) Samsung 9 Unknown
ZTE P945 ZTE 5 Unknown
Inventec Mercury Inventec 4 Unknown
I-Mate Ultimate 7150 I-Mate 7 Unknown
Sony Ericsson G702 (SE Beibei) Sony Ericsson 3 Unknown
ICD Velocity Mobile 83 ICD 7 Unknown
LG GW600 HQ (LG Herald) LG 7 Unknown