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Name ▲ Device brand # of frequency bands Release Date
Casio GzOne Type-L CAL21 Casio 10 November 2012
Essential Phone PH-1 TD-LTE Essential 40 July 2017
Google Pixel XL 2 Phone TD-LTE NA G011C (LG Taimen) Google 36 October 2017
HTC U11 TD-LTE 601HT (HTC Ocean) HTC 23 June 2017
HTC U11 TD-LTE JP (HTC Ocean) HTC 26 March 2018
HTC X2 Android One TD-LTE JP 64GB / X2-HT (HTC Ocean Life) HTC 14 December 2017
KDDI Fujitsu Arrows ef FJL21 KDDI 11 November 2012
KDDI Fujitsu Arrows Tab FJT21 KDDI 13 December 2013
KDDI Fujitsu Arrows Z FJL22 KDDI 12 November 2013
KDDI HTC J One HTL22 (HTC M7) KDDI 10 June 2013