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Name Device brand # of frequency bands Release Date ▲
Sony Xperia VL SOL21 (Sony Tsubasa) Sony 11 November 2012
KDDI Fujitsu Arrows ef FJL21 KDDI 11 November 2012
Pantech Vega PTL21 Pantech 11 November 2012
KDDI Sharp Aquos Phone Serie SHL21 KDDI 5 November 2012
Casio GzOne Type-L CAL21 Casio 10 November 2012
Kyocera Digno S KYL21 Kyocera 10 November 2012
Samsung SCH-J021 Galaxy S III Progre SCL21 Samsung 11 November 2012
KDDI Sharp Aquos Pad SHT21 KDDI 11 December 2012
KDDI INFOBAR A02 HTX21 (HTC Iimpression) KDDI 11 February 2013
Sony Xperia UL SOL22 (Sony Gaga Anna) Sony 13 May 2013