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Name ▲ Device brand # of frequency bands Release Date
Acer Liquid E1 V360 Acer 7 March 2013
Acer Liquid M330 LTE NA Dual SIM TM01 Acer 13 December 2015
Acer Liquid Z330 LTE NA Dual SIM T01 Acer 13 October 2015
Acer Liquid Z630 LTE T03 Acer 11 October 2015
Acer Liquid Z630S LTE NA T04 Acer 11 November 2015
Akua Mobile RS3 Dual SIM LTE Akua Mobile 14 November 2016
Alcatel 5 Dual SIM LTE AM 5086A Alcatel 19 March 2018
Alcatel A30 Fierce LTE 5049Z Alcatel 12 August 2017
Alcatel A30 Plus LTE 5049S Alcatel 15 July 2017
Alcatel A30 Tablet 4G LTE 9024W Alcatel 14 May 2017