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Name Device brand # of frequency bands Release Date ▼
Sharp AQUOS sense basic TD-LTE 702SH Sharp 12 February 2018
VAIO Phone A VPA0511S Dual SIM LTE VAIO 15 March 2017
VAIO Phone BIZ Dual SIM LTE VPB0511S VAIO 14 April 2016
Kyocera Digno T 302KC TD-LTE Kyocera 9 September 2014
SoftBank Fujitsu Arrows A 301F (Fujitsu Hudson) SoftBank 7 December 2013
Willcom Aquos Phone es WX04SH (Sharp WP-004) Willcom 3 September 2013
Willcom Digno Dual 2 WX10K (Kyocera YAKF-1) Willcom 7 July 2013
SoftBank Fujitsu Arrows A 202F SoftBank 7 June 2013
SoftBank Sharp Aquos Phone ss 205SH TD-LTE SoftBank 8 June 2013
SoftBank Sharp Aquos Phone Xx 206SH TD-LTE SoftBank 7 June 2013