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Name # of frequency bands Release Date ▼
LG au isai V30+ WiMAX 2+ 128GB LGV35 (LG Joan QVR) 20 February 2018
LG V30+ TD-LTE 128GB L-01K (LG Joan QVR) 22 January 2018
LG X415S X Series X4+ 11 January 2018
LG X415L X Series X4+ / X4 Plus 11 January 2018
LG LMX210MA Aristo LTE 12 January 2018
LG JO JO TD-LTE 128GB L-02K (LG Joan QVR) 22 January 2018
LG SP200 Tribute Dynasty TD-LTE 19 January 2018
LG V300L V30 Signature Edition TD-LTE 256GB (LG Joan) 16 December 2017
LG H870AR G6 LTE-A (LG Diva) 19 December 2017
LG H870I G6 LTE-A LATAM (LG Diva) 13 December 2017

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