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Name # of frequency bands Release Date ▼
Sharp AQUOS zero2 Global Dual SIM TD-LTE SH-M13 30 March 2020
Sharp AQUOS V Dual SIM LTE SH-C02 4 December 2019
Sharp Aquos Sense3 Dual SIM TD-LTE JP SH-M12 (Sharp AS3) 3 November 2019
Sharp Aquos R3 Global Dual SIM LTE SH-R10 14 September 2019
Sharp Aquos R3 Dual SIM TD-LTE TW SH-R10 9 August 2019
Sharp Aquos D10 Dual SIM LTE EU 4 September 2018
Sharp B10 Dual SIM LTE EU FS8034 4 July 2018
Sharp Aquos C10 Dual SIM LTE EU FS8032 4 July 2018
Sharp AQUOS S3 Dual SIM TD-LTE 128GB FS8015 8 June 2018
Sharp A2 Lite Dual SIM TD-LTE FS8026 3 April 2018

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