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Name Device brand # of frequency bands Release Date ▼
Archos Elements 55 Diamond Selfie LTE Dual SIM Archos 10 September 2019
Huawei Nova 5T Standard Edition Global Dual SIM TD-LTE 128GB YAL-L61A (Huawei Yale) Huawei 26 September 2019
Samsung SM-N9700 Galaxy Note 10 Dual SIM TD-LTE CN TW 256GB (Samsung DaVinci 1) Samsung 28 September 2019
Samsung SM-N9750 Galaxy Note 10+ Dual SIM TD-LTE CN 256GB (Samsung DaVinci 2) Samsung 28 September 2019
Oppo Realme 5 Pro Premium Edition Dual SIM TD-LTE IN TH 128GB RMX1971 Oppo 14 September 2019
Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max A2218 Global Dual SIM TD-LTE 256GB (Apple iPhone 12,5) Apple 39 September 2019
Samsung SM-A207F/DS Galaxy A20s 2019 Global Dual SIM TD-LTE 32GB (Samsung A207) Samsung 21 September 2019
Huawei Mate 30 Premium Edition Dual SIM TD-LTE CN 128GB TAS-AL00 Huawei 32 September 2019
Huawei Honor Play 3 Standard Edition Dual SIM TD-LTE CN 64GB ASK-TL00x (Huawei Alaska) Huawei 19 September 2019
Huawei Honor Play 3e Dual SIM TD-LTE CN 32GB KSA-TL00 (Huawei Kansas) Huawei 4 September 2019